A rising tide lifts all boats

“A rising tide lifts all boats”. A quote apparently misattributed to Kennedy, but a philosophy I have actually experienced since I have become a member of QRCA, a global association of qualitative research professionals that functions on very generous premises that sharing and helping each other grow is a benefit for the entire industry.

I think this is something we miss in Romania – a community, the actual exercise of talking, debating and interacting with each other, a real forum where to share learning, to raise the level of the entire industry but also to raise the status of everything that is research and insights related from the Cinderella role it seems to have today.

My own contribution to this purpose: a series of masterclasses from leading international experts in various fields related to people understanding and insights, who will come to Bucharest to share with our community of professionals, be it researchers, brand managers, planners, designers, innovators etc (and as these masterclasses will be held in English, we can extend the invitation to colleagues from the region also).

The way I see it it will have at least 3 benefits:

  • The opportunity of excellent learning and inspiration
  • Accesibility, an excellent price ensured by the volunteered efforts or the generosity of those involved
  • The networking forum (each session will come with its own networking event and fun surprises). I hardly resisted using the word “excellent” for the third time. I am genuinely over-excited.

The first masterclass is already set for May 23rd and 24th. Save the date! More details coming soon!



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