Who am I?

I am a qualitative research expert grounded in psychology, with 19+ years of hands-on research project experience and 15+ years of business management practice. Currently I consult, train, run local & international projects and speak at market research conferences.

My qualifications include: online and offline qualitative research, ethnography, cultural analysis, creative problem solving, smart data mining, strategic facilitation, training

Masterclasses series

Since the beginning of 2018 I am also hosting a series of masterclasses from leading international experts in various fields related to people understanding and insights. These thought leaders come to Bucharest to share with our community of professionals, be it researchers, brand managers, planners, designers, innovators etc.

The masterclasses we look forward to:

How to research trends [BOOTCAMP], with Els Dragt on October 29th

The masterclasses we enjoyed in the past:

Finding the Story in the Data, with Ray Poynter

Ethnography Masterclass, with Siamack Salari

Richard Shotton, How to apply behavioural science to solve marketing problems, April 2nd-3rd 2019

And just a glimpse of the fun we had: a video from the second edition of the Ethnography Masterclass


You can contact me at noi@anamnesis.ro or via Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn (scroll down).